Thursday, October 1, 2015

So Many Knots

I started in on the doily first thing in the morning, even before we started schooling for the day. I was determined to at least get to the next section of the pattern. This is the first round after the 20 small loops. It was the beginning of a section of basket stitch. Since I don't really have any final count of how many loops there ought to be at the end of the small loops, I was just lucky that they were just right for this next round.

This is during the basket stitch. It was going much faster with the larger loops of this section. I know that you don't need all these in progress pictures, but since I did little else during the day, they fill up the space nicely, don't you think?

This was the end of the main portion of the lace.
The rest of the piece is suppose to be done in small medallions attached around this. You know how I mentioned that I didn't know how many small loops I was suppose to have at the end of that section? Here's where that information shows how important it would have been. You see I'm suppose to have 78 small loops on the out side in order to attach the proper number of medallions. Guess what? I only have 58. Not only is that far too few, but it's not divisible by the right number to adjust the pattern properly either. I went ahead and started on a medallion, but I think what I may end up doing it just designing a few more rounds myself to get the doily to a nice size and and call it a day. Well, it will probably still take many days to finish, but you get the point.

Before I go though, one of the folks over on my Facebook page posted a link to the first in a series of YouTube videos in English on Armenian lace. I think I might have seem someone else mention this somewhere before, but since it was posted there, I though I'd share it here too, for anyone else interested in torturing themselves with thousands of tiny knots. The video is here. I've only watched a few seconds of it, so I can't speak for how good it is, but what I did see was promising. Just in case it wasn't clear, that torturing comment was hyperbole, I find all these knots quite enjoyable to create.


Fox said...

Yes,I have watched those. Perhaps this is why I knot from left to right. It's a good series. Funny how she makes those central rings with petals look soooo easy! : ))

Unknown said...

thank you for posting this video - winter's coming and now i have something else to occupy my time

Madtatter80 said...

I just found her last night, and she starts with the petals and I realize she is making picots like in tatting, You are doing great and fun to see your work!