Tuesday, September 22, 2015


I started out yesterday with an order in the shop. It was a bracelet I haven't made too many of, so I started to remake the piece straight away so I could use the existing one as a template before I got it in the post to its new owner. It's not a difficult one, but it another I based on a vintage pattern. I always change them a bit, so I can't really look back to the original pattern to make it. I simply wouldn't remember what stitch changes I made that make the piece lay the way I liked it, or whatever weird impulse I had the first time around. I managed to get if finished while I schooled the kids, so I could get the order shipped out in a timely manner.

Once that was done it was back to Armenian lace. I set aside the new threads to go back the medallion design I was working on in linen. I thought I had it down the last time, but I think this go is definitely my favorite so far. In fact I liked it so much I turned it into a necklace as soon as I was finished with it. I was just going to turn it into a pendant with a jump ring, but somehow hanging this from a ribbon doesn't work for me so I thought up a new method that I still have to wear test.

I crocheted a simple chain for it and instead of using metal at all, I simply strung the pendant onto it. Then I added the closure. The only issue I'm really worried about, is that there is so little weight here that it may not hang well. I am amused at how I managed to add a small bit of four different fiber techniques in this one necklace though. There's the Armenian lace pendant, the crochet cord, the ends are tatted rings and the closure is a macrame slide clasp. Mind you they're not mixed as interestingly as I'd like them to be one day, but it's a start.

After wearing this for a while, I'll know whether it will work or not and if it does, I'll add it to the growing pile of pieces that need to get into the shop. If it doesn't I might just have to think on how best to add weight to it, most like a bead of some sort, maybe wood or glass, since I like the idea of keeping it a natural, no metal piece. Not that that has been a useful selling point for me so far, but it could one day. Here's hoping for more inspiration today.


CathyZ said...

Love it--you've got me hooked on Armenian lace too, but it's taking me a lot longer to get good at it than it took you. Using the point lace foundation is such a great idea, and the pendant with crochet and macrame and tatting too. Thanks for sharing this.

Fox said...

I echo CathyZ... It is looking very nice. U study every posting now very carefully for my own selfish reasons. : ) I am making some headway as it has only been a few days... Have a look:


It sure can be frustrating, but now that I have begin, it is like sliding down the hole that Alice found! No stopping anytime soon....

I think being a needle tatter might have made the process more agreeable to you than to me. I do not sew - gives me hives. So, using a needle is quite a foreign experience. I’m a shuttle tatter after all. Hopefully I will adapt and get some muscle memory soon.