Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Right after schooling yesterday I got the new rings listed. They're all in one listing with the ability to choose between the two sizes that I can make, your choice of color, and if you want crystals or not. I even had the option of making the crystal ones cost just a little bit more in the same listing. Now I just wait and hope that I sell a few of them. They really are very comfortable, would make a great gift and I'm fairly certain that I'm keeping a black one for myself.

After that it was back to the Armenian lace. I had another stitch design that I wanted to try out before I busted out with the silk thread. The last thing I want to do is waste good thread on a bad idea. It's turning out okay so far, but I haven't even gotten to a repeat of the design yet and I don't know if maybe another repeat makes the piece too large. There's really nothing for it, but to try and make it and see what happens.

I anticipate that working on this necklace should take up most of my afternoon. It's now become my normal to stitch while reading, so I've also managed to read several books recently. It makes me feel like I'm not actually wasting any time, even though I probably am by many people's standards. Oh well, off to the day then.

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