Wednesday, October 8, 2014


I've already been up for an hour this morning as we woke up the kids to see the lunar eclipse that's still occurring as I write. They went right back to bed, but the cats knew I was awake, so I had to feed them. I thought about trying to sleep after that, but I realized that I was too awake and it was pretty much futile. So here I am awake and the rest of the day I shall be tired.

I did do some remaking yesterday, but not as much as I should have. Instead I got a little creative. I put together this small motif with no real purpose in mind. If you're wondering why it's got my name on it, it's because I was informed on the facebook yesterday of the sharing of my pieces there without credit. I don't really mind too much as long as they're not actually claiming the work belongs to them or copying the pieces themselves, but if I slap my website on there I can worry less about that. Of course I'm likely to get lazy and stop doing it anytime.

Back to the tatting, this is the first thing I tried with the piece. I was going to grow it a different way and I'm still not sure this way will work, but I think I might have a bracelet in there at the very least. I even saw the potential for an interesting doily shape, but you know how unlikely it is that I pursue that design area unless I get really bored. Someone also asked after the single motif, if it might be a mask and that's certainly a possibility. It has been quite some time since I designed a new one of those. I guess we'll just have to see what it grows into as I play with it some more. It's either that or remaking today, so it's likely this will grow into something.

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