Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Nothing Interesting

Honestly I could have simply copy and pasted yesterday's blog post and it would have been a completely accurate description of yesterday as well as the day before. There was schooling followed by hours of tatting cat ears and sewing them to headbands. That was interrupted on occasion by some cross stitching and video game playing. I didn't even bother to take a photo of any cross stitch progress. Of course that's because with this sort of cross stitch progress is ridiculously slow and it still looks like nothing much.

Today will probably be only slightly different as I have a doctor's appointment in the morning. I'm crossing my fingers that it doesn't put me off for the rest of the day. Even if it doesn't, I really have nothing better to do than more cat ears and some cross stitching. That is unless something more interesting comes up, which I sincerely hope happens. I am getting dangerously close to a rut here and that's no good for anyone. So here's to something interesting happening.

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