Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Motif Grows

Since I wasn't rescued from creating by any orders or any other tasks at all, save for cleaning off the dvr, I did play with the new motif a bit. This was the first direction I went. It was long enough to be a bracelet, but it only works if worn over your hand. Don't get me wrong, I think it look neat like that, but it does severely limit who can wear it, since the size really can't be adjusted. That doesn't mean it won't become one though.

The second try was about the same really, except I changed the order of the motifs and added an element between them. This one sits low on the wrist as well, but kind of sideways if that makes any sense. It's definitely a unique look.

Aside from the these bits as bracelets I though about turning the first version into a bit of a forehead piece...if that's what you'd call it. Add a chain and it sits a bit like a circlet, or maybe pins or clips so it just attached under you hair in front. Not sure if I can make it work logistically, but it looks neat like that. I'm also fairly certain that the first version can also be extended into a necklace, though it will certainly be a time consuming one to make.

So if I have another day with no sales interruptions I might again have something new to show you with this motif tomorrow. If not, I'll just be pleased as punch to have had some sales.

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