Thursday, October 2, 2014


I managed to stay pretty busy yesterday with the my cross stitch, for the most part. I finished the saying in the center, then started looking for some small designs to add to it. I settled on this quirky looking skull and a simple spider. I added them to both sides, you know, for symmetry. I also added a bit of black, after this photo, to the border to help tie the black in. I thought I was finished, but the husband has suggested that I add some spider webs next to the spiders, so I'm going to play with that idea today. It's been really fun to turn something so 80's classic cross stitch into something I can hang on a wall.

Later in the afternoon I got a request for a design from a friend. This so rarely happens, that I went straight to work on it. She sent me a picture of a Celtic motherhood knot and I tried to make it happen. The first go, I clearly miscalculated the stitch counts needed to maintain the proper shape. Though I got the weaving part down making it, so it's wasn't a complete waste of time.

Next up I increased the stitch counts dramatically and I really started to worry about the integrity of the longer chains, but once weaved together, they seemed to behave properly. This version was approved and today I'm making the final piece in her chosen colors. So all in all pretty good, creative day. I got to make new things in two different crafts and I received a sale in the shop, so I also have something I can remake today. Here's hoping today is a repeat of yesterday.

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Madtatter80 said...

Cross stitching is fun and cute idea to make a sampler for Halloween :) I like the Celtic tatting too.