Monday, October 6, 2014

Busy Weekend

I definitely had what I would call a long weekend. It started Friday when I took the husband to the doctor and while waiting I started the long assembly line task of making more cat ear headbands. Then once we were home and I had begun assembly, I got the dreaded 'lost package' message from a customer in Spain. It was about, you guessed it, a pair of cat ear headbands, that never arrived. So I added yet another pair to the assembly line and kept at it all day.

Saturday morning we ran out normal errands and when we got back from the first round of them, I got my first big order in a while. Not only did it contain a mask that needed to be made, but a few other pieces that I want to get remade as well. So now you know what I did with the rest of my weekend sitting time. I got the mask nearly finished as well as one bracelet remade. That's what the image here is, my Cathedral bracelet.

Today I need to get the order completed and out in the mail. Then there's one more necklace to remake. I think if I have time I'll be back to more cat ear headbands though, because I sold yet another pair yesterday. I don't want to get too excited about being busy again though, this still feel a bit like an aberration that's likely to disappear as quickly as it came. I'll just keep working hard and hoping it's more permanent.

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