Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Not Much

The day is always a bit more boring when I have a plan to remake things all day. You really can't have any interest in seeing more pictures of my cat ear headbands. I checked the other day and since I first designed and made them I've sold over 75 sets of them. I find that to be absolutely nuts, but then again you never know what will be popular. Some of my more favorite and complex designs have never sold a single piece and some of the most simple have.

I did manage to take one photo yesterday to liven up this text heavy post. I took a few cross stitch breaks throughout the day. I also took a few video game breaks as well, but that's not really picture worthy. It's one of those really complex designs with mixed colors. I've done them before and they take forever, luckily that was just what I needed when I started it, a side project to work on when I needed a break that would be around for a while.

So today's plan is the same as yesterday's. More cat ears tatted with cross stitch breaks and probably those video game breaks as well. So I guess that means another boring blog post for you. I apologize in advance.

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