Monday, October 13, 2014

Embroidery Again

Things went in a decidedly different direction than I had planned over the weekend. I thought that I would get the new necklace finished up, but the sheer size of the thing found me too bored to keep going with several motifs needed to finish it. I needed a diversion, so I found a bunch of them. First there were video games, damn husband bought me Animal Crossing...I curse him forever, then there was a frame project. I finally found one for my last cross stitch, but it was turquoise, so I made it black. Hopefully I'll like how it turns out and I'll take a picture of it. Lastly I turned to embroidery again.

I keep being tempted by the designs on Urban Threads. I don't have an embroidery machine and clearly couldn't afford to get one right now even if I wanted one, so hand embroidery is it. They released a new collection of designs on sale and when I got the email I downloaded them straight away. Then I had to find a better way to transfer the design to fabric than last time. An internet search and one trip to Michaels later, I was stitching this. No, there is no real reason for this diversion other than I wanted to see if I had skills enough to do it justice.

So I suppose that gives me two things to work on this week. I can finish the tatted necklace and I can work on the embroidery. I guess that's a start.

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