Wednesday, October 29, 2014


I didn't get too terribly much done yesterday, but what I did do was make something new. Sure, it's a pretty simple piece and it didn't take too long to create, but it's new right? I went looking for bits to do a one off piece and was lucky to find some that I had already put in a baggy together when I was apparently in a more creative mood. I've used this round bit before, but I tried for a slightly different usage this go around. I also wanted it to be really one off, so I used the only Twirlz thread I have, still in size 20 because I haven't been making enough in the shop to justify whimsical thread purchases.

It's not in the shop quite yet, hopefully it will make it there today. We have teacher meetings this morning and I've got a couple other tasks to complete along with schooling, so don't be too surprised if it doesn't make it though. I've been getting supremely lazy about photographing pieces, like I just can't be bothered to do it right anymore. Hopefully I'll get a nice bit of motivation again today and something more interesting will happen. I can always hope, right?


Caseymini said...

Very nice, Pamela. I love the use of the metal finding with the tatting. Great design!

God's Kid said...

Great pendant!! :)