Friday, October 24, 2014


Yesterday was generally a much better day, mostly because, at no point in the day, did I lose my ability to see. I spent most of my time on cross stitch and catching up on the television that I couldn't watch the day before. I know terribly exciting.

We did take quite a few trips outside to watch the partial solar eclipse. I feel bad sometimes that the
kids haven't seen many astrological events because you know, they're late at night. So any chance to get them out to see something like this is worth it. Luckily we bought some eclipse glasses years ago, so we were all set.

Yes, I did play with a photo filter program to make this picture, but the oddest part is that unfiltered, there was an image of the eclipse in the top right and in the center, that ball of light. I'm sure it's some sort of common photo effect when dealing with an eclipse, but I thought it looked neat, so I'm sharing it.

Today is the kids annual outing to a pumpkin patch. It is of course also going to be the hottest day we've seen for a couple of weeks. So I'm fairly certain that exhaustion afterwards will prevent me from doing anything too taxing, but man do I hope that the weekend offers up some sort of change in the shop or my creative outlook, so I can once again, fill this blog with tatted lace and complain about being too busy.


Vicky said...

So cool that you guys got to see the eclipse! It was cloudy here, which was probably for the best, since I don't have eclipse glasses but was fully willing to stare at the sun until my eyes bled, lol. I need to get some of those glasses before too long, though. We live right in the line of optimal viewing of the total eclipse coming up in three years!

Unknown said...

Dude, you are so fricken awesome!! Thank you for teaching me to needle tat, yay to the global village!! I asked at my local craft store (in New Zealand) about needle tatting and all I got was a blank stare, so thank you so much for the time and effort to write tut after tut.