Wednesday, October 15, 2014


I was bad yesterday. Not only did I forget to list the new bracelet in the shop, I spent the rest of the day embroidering. That in itself it's particularly bad, but I was embroidering a gift and I failed to take a picture when it was finished. Nope, I just wrapped the sucker up and gave it to its intended recipient. So aside from a picture of the bracelet that is made, but not listed, I have nothing to show to you today.

I don't even really have anything else to tell you today either. I was determined to get the embroidery present done so it could be gifted, so I really did little else at all.  I should be able to list the bracelet in the shop sometime today, but then I have no more projects in queue. I'm kind of feeling stuck in this cycle of rushing to get one or two things done and then having nothing to do for days on end. Nothing for it I guess, I'm sure to find something that needs or at least wants doing.

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