Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I'm Off

Just in case you were wondering, yes yesterday was might bit better of a day. I still managed to be far too busy for much tatting, but I did thankfully get a couple of orders with the coupon code, one of which required a little making. So when I was given a little time, that's what I did. I honestly thought I'd have to wait until after the trip to make them, but everything is in the mail this morning. I'd also like to thank Fox for thanking me. I know that seems a bit silly and circular, but she called me 'the best' along with some other very complimentary words and after the day I had had it was the best thing ever, so many public thanks for that!

I'll be off to the coast in just a few hours and I'm still deciding whether or not to bring some tatting. In the past it was a no brainer to do so. The kids took afternoon naps at the hotel and I needed something to do, but they're getting bigger and even though the five year old still takes naps on normal days, she skips them whenever we adventure so I can't expect her to take one on the trip. So, will there even be any down time at all is the question. I suppose I'll bring a little anyway as there is the car ride and most of the view from here to there is nondescript.

I will of course still be checking in here during the trip, but I'm going to stop writing now so I can finish getting ready. I really want to miss all of the 106º-109º F temperatures that are predicted for the next three days here. Here we come Pacific Ocean.


Vicky said...

Have a great trip!

Unknown said...

Hope you and the family have a great vacation!

** jess! ** said...

Have fun!!