Wednesday, July 18, 2012


We have now reached one of those days when I have nothing new to show you because I spent all or most of the day working on things you've already seen. This is the biggest drawback to nearly daily blogging, some of those days will inevitably be filled with absolutely nothing interesting, but I will feel compelled to write about that nothing anyway. Then you will read it and not be able to get those five minutes of your life back...sorry.

To make matters worse, today will likely be exactly the same. Sure I might run some errands or something interesting might just happen to me out of the blue, but current plans include only more of the same from yesterday. There are still about three of four pieces in queue to be remade and until I complete that list, interesting things will have to come from somewhere else. So that's it then. I shall work all day and cross my fingers that the Universe will drop exciting tales from the skies. Exciting tales of adventure and riches. Oh, just let me dream while I tat the day away.

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