Monday, July 30, 2012


I feel like if I start yet another Monday post with the sentiment, 'what a weekend', you're just going to skip reading on Mondays, but yet another one it was. I had my large mask and eye patch order to work on every time I got a few moments, but there were so many other adventures to take my time. Saturday we had a cement path put in on on the side of our house and spent way more money on it than I hoped, but it's existence with reduce a lot of aggravation on trash day alone. Then there was a birthday party for one of the kids across the street with much sugar and silliness. Sure the rest of the day was a normal Saturday, but we were already done in my the morning activities.

To make the weekend more interesting the husband has been upgrading our computers and switching mail clients on my systems which means I was allowed limited access to them much of the weekend leaving me strangely attached to my phone. It's kind of sad how often I felt the need just to be near my computers, but on the other hand I did get more tatting done than I expected with the electronic menace otherwise occupied. This is the pile of tatting before I got the last mask tatted. The next and final task is to cover all the wires of every piece and do the finishing work on them.

That reminds me, last week I started to get an odd tingle in my left pointer finger at the tip. It wasn't numb, it didn't hurt, but it was annoying. When I consulted the internet it was suggested that it could be a nerve problem that might actually be in my back somewhere and given the amount of stress last week dealt me twisting my back muscles in knots it seemed a logical hypothesis.  I used my massage pillow until my back was sore to try to fix that problem. I also got myself some of those stress relieving craft gloves because it seemed like a good idea to give all the easy fixes a try before I allowed myself to get concerned. So as an apparent result of the massage my back feels much better. As a result of the strange gloves my hands allowed my to tat much longer without complaint. Now, I'm not sure which one of them gets the credit, but the tingle is gone now too. So I think more frequent sessions with the massage pillow and I shall now tat with the strange gloves on all the time to test their long term usefulness.

So now that I've told you stories you probably care very little about we are firmly in the realm of what's next for this week. Of course I will be working on the mask and eye patch order much of the week, but I think I'm on track to finish it before the week is out. I'm also trying to keep up with remaking things for the shop. I keep thinking I should just finish the order, but I gave them a proper wait time that allows me to keep up with the shop. It would be really silly of me to do any project that makes that balance suffer too much. Either way it should be a busy week for my thread and needle and me of course, but what else is new.

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Vicky said...

Glad your back and finger are feeling better! When the at-home fixes like yours don't work, I know it's time to head off to the chiropractor to get all patched up! Crafting is rough on the spine sometimes. I just had a craft-a-thon over the weekend, and I'm feeling it! But I've got a chiropractic appointment tomorrow, so yay for making my body all happy again! :)