Friday, July 6, 2012

Not Quite It

Finally, it's Friday. That whole holiday in the middle of the week thing really messed with my sense of time and since next week is vacation, it won't be much better I'm afraid, but enough about all that, I have things to share. If you haven't yet done so, please go to yesterday's giveaway post and leave a comment to enter! As of this moment we still need about six entrants to add a third prize. I've got six pieces I can giveaway should I get enough people to enter. Please do also read the rules so you make sure your entry counts as well.

I had a pendant to remake yesterday morning and it inspired me to try out a new slave bracelet design. What you might not know about my designing process is that it is mostly in my head. I play with existing bits of lace, make up configurations in my head and then start working. More than 9 times out of 10 what I wanted to make is what comes out. This one was one of the other ones. I'm just not happy with the way it sits at all. It's really frustrating for me to have spent all that time on something and know damn well that I'm not going to use it. This one was particularly annoying because I made all the rings first and then tatted around them all so I have to make tons more little rings before I can begin again or I have to work out the directionality so I can do it in one pass with the rings which is kind of making my head hurt right now.

The good news is the design as it is now with a few added details makes a really neat barefoot sandal/ankle corset design. So over the weekend I'll try out another configuration for the bracelet that will likely see the space between the hand bit and the wrist bit disappear and become a solid piece. Then I will work on making it into the foot piece. Hopefully come Monday I'll have both pieces worked out and I can feel satisfied that I designed something new and functional. Right now I'm just annoyed with myself for failing in the first place.

One last giveaway reminder before I go. I'll pull winners by random number generator early Monday morning so you all have until then to throw your hats into the rings and get your friends to do the same. Also don't forget that any purchases made in my etsy shop until that time that mention the giveaway at checkout will receive a free tatted surprise with their order as well, but everything ends on Monday.


Vicky said...

I really like the slave bracelet! It looks a little loose, so maybe it would sit better by scaling it down a bit. Smaller rings, shorter chains connecting them, etc. Which is still remaking the whole darn thing, but the design itself is really striking! I'd hate to see you scrap it!

Carol said...

I really like the way your slave bracelet looks! I understand that even when others praise your piece, that if you're not satisfied with it that it's still frustrating, but your tatting on its own is wonderful to look at and something for others of us to aspire to. I love looking at your pieces and wish I had even half of your ingenuity to create!

Stephanie Grace said...

I love the design!!! I do, however, admit that I think I'd feel the need to put my thumb through the one space.... It just looks like I should, LOL. *blushes*

Stephanie Grace