Monday, July 16, 2012

I'm Back

Home again, home again, jiggity jig. That's right, vacation is over and as the husband is back to work today, so am I. Will I miss it? Well, yes and no. I was itching to get back to work, I just can't maintain lazy nearly as long as I would like to. I am however going to miss the cool, cool air of the coast and the big meals that someone else makes for me. Not their prices though, those are awful.

I did in fact get something done already. I spent some lazy movie  time making up the final version of the newest slave bracelet design. The only problem with the first one was the finger loop. I crocheted them while I was tatting using the working thread and the first go I made it too short and it was a bit tight even on me. Unfortunately since I made the piece in one go and with one length of thread, I just couldn't bring myself to cutting it up to redo that section, so I made a whole new one.  I was a little worried at first with this one as well because my tension is always so much tighter when I know what I'm doing as apposed to designing as I work, so this one seemed a bit smaller. Luckily a quick steam and it was perfect.

Today I'm hoping to get the second barefoot sandal version done. I've got one of the pair knocked out, so it's possible that I'll have them done and listed today as well. Then it'll feel like I really am back to work. Of course I also really should attend to the floors around here as I've been ignoring them as part of my vacation. I might save that for tomorrow though. I wouldn't want to rush into too much, now would I?

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Love it!!!

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