Friday, July 20, 2012


Another day will not much to share I'm afraid. I spent most of yesterday doing exactly what I did the day before. Only today I'm much closer to being done with the list. I'm working on one piece to increase stock in the shop and after that there are probably just a couple more small pieces that could be remade. They're nothing too important so I might skip them in order to start experimenting.

That interesting project I mentioned yesterday acquired a few new details and though I have to wait until next week for some final dimensions to really get started on it, I have one bit I can start working on now and it will require some experimentation. I was asked if I can work with more transparent thread for one section of the work. I use invisible thread all the time for sewing things to tatting, but I can't say I've tried tatting with it. Of course a little quick internet search after remembering that someone did, landed me at Jeff Hamilton's blog. He luckily already did the math on how many strands to use for an all invisible thread piece, a really interesting looking snowflake. I'm not certain that's the way I'm going to go yet, but it's nice to know it's completely possible and now I have someplace to start.

My plan is to try out different combinations of invisible and white thread to get a certain light effect from the finished piece. Normally I dislike doing a lot of prep work for things, but this project will absolutely require it. No, I'm not really going to reveal what I'm working on. I don't think it's a big secret or anything, it's just ultimately someone else's art project. I figure I'll wait until the completed work is displayed and then share. Until then you get me working on the pattern and my part. I don't even have a solid timeline yet, so really not worth too much sharing. That being said, if anyone has any invisible thread advice, brands that might work best, brands to avoid playing with, please do share. I would really appreciate the heads up. I think this project might be around for a while.

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connie said...

Jane Eborall may be able to guide you I remember she tatted with invisible thread and posted about it.