Friday, July 27, 2012

Tatting Rules The World

I was a production line yesterday. When I got this big order, I told the customer it might take weeks to complete because I like a little cushion on things like this. I know that I work pretty fast, but what if life gets in the way? I was fully prepared to go at a nice steady pace until I got paid and realized that I won't get any of that payment until I ship a finished order. Money, as always, is a strong motivator and I worked hard yesterday.

I decided that I would work assembly line style doing each part on all the pieces before moving on and leaving the mindless, but terribly time consuming task of covering wires until the end. I am fairly certain I will regret that choice when I get to the end, but it seemed like a good idea. It also means that I don't get to count down piece done until then either. So a day and a half worth of work and technically nothing is done yet. A bunch of things are almost done though and you know what I'll be doing today. Don't worry, I'll keep taking pictures of the work to liven up the boring bits.

I do have one not so boring bit. Remember the Maclean's article I mentioned? well, it went up online yesterday. I looked for it after I noticed a few searches in my shop stats. It's up on their fashion page which does not appear to have a direct link from the front page of the magazine's site. The article is here though and now that it is up for everyone to read I do want to talk a bit about it now. So go read it if you want and then come back and finish this post.

First, I do wish it were longer. Don't get me wrong it's great and I appreciate the exposure for both myself and tatting, but I know she talked to a ton more people than were quoted in the article because I sent many to her and I'm sure they all had great stories to tell. Second, while I'm flattered by her description of me, I'm also kind of embarrassed by it. I mean I've tried very hard to expose tatting to new people and bend it to my own sensibilities, but there are so many more tatters out there who have been innovating for years. Somehow it makes me feel like a super egotist standing on a hill screaming, "I rule the tatting world!". I don't believe that at all. I mean I do have an ego, you know that, but I believe that there are many "guiding lights" online and off, people who are much more talented than me, ones that teach more people and that make jaw droppingly beautiful things and write books. I suppose they are minor complaints really and I am giddy over being in a major magazine with my pieces for once. I also loved reading quotes from other tatters that I recognize. So I guess all in all it's a good thing. Tatting Rules The World!


Michelle said...

The article was good and interesting. She interviewed one of my students who just learned in May - a 12 - year old boy and left that out too. But it was great exposure for tattin! She does give you appropriate credit though, you have done a lot for tatting and it's exposure. It would have been fantastic if she could have mentioned some of the others, I agree but that Isis a long list, don't you think?
I hope you can thoroughly enjoy you well-deserved praise and maybe we others today can take a moment or two to mention some of the others in our blogs... You're right Tatting does rule the world! (lovely tribute to Jane)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations--it's a great article. Even if you don't consider yourself a "guiding light" of tatting, it's likely your unique, edgy designs inspired the article, so perhaps you're the author's guiding light!