Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Little Better

Oh, how blissful is busy. The day started pretty dull. I had woken up with an injured toe. How I injured my toe in my sleep is still a mystery, but it happened and I didn't think going on a morning walk was wise so I cleaned and sorted the kids clothes. This was a a task I regretted from the minute I started it as the dust was killing me, but I finished it anyway. After that I got back to tatting and spent most of the day working on remaking a collar necklace. Then late in the afternoon I got a series of inquires about a small, rushed custom order. To my delight the order went through giving me a task that needed immediate doing.

Just after I finished that one and had it ready to ship, I got another small order giving me something that will need to be remade today. I almost started on it last night, but it's better to give myself something that needs doing the next day. I'm crossing my fingers that this indicates an upswing in business as next week is our family vacation and I'd like a little extra money to, you know, eat with and whatnot. It's times like this that I wish I were a better business person, but at the end of the day I'm just this lady that makes stuff and posts it on the internet like so many others. Even after all these years I can't get into all the crazy advertising and SEO nonsense. All I can do is keep making stuff and continue being all chatty online and hope that people see that and like it.

So today I have just one necklace to make in queue and then I suppose I'll get back to remaking because I'm certain I don't want to clean anymore today. I need a break so I can breath for a while. I'm just going to hold out for some inspiration, a great project or order and hope the Universe provides.

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