Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sorry For The Dull

I lied to you again. I said that I wouldn't clean anymore because I liked breathing, but as soon as I finished the necklace that needed remaking, that's exactly what I did. This time I did remember to put on a dust mask before cleaning though. It wasn't 100% effective but it definitely allowed me to clean longer. No, I'm not certain that was a good thing.

First I cleaned up my nest. That's the named given to my spot on the couch and the adjacent coffee table. It's where I do all my tatting and the closest thing to a studio I have. That is why you will never see 'studio' pictures from me. Sure, I have a computer desk as well, but I use that for storage, shipping and blogging, everything else happens in he nest. Once that was clean it was back to the closet cleaning I had begun the day before. I think that I'm done with that save for going through my drawers and getting rid of useless stuff from there. I realize that this is a ridiculously mundane and boring post and since today will be mostly family time I won't have anything better to share then either. I thought about doing a giveaway today, but then it struck me that most people would be away from their computers today, maybe tomorrow.

I did order a couple of vintage tatting books I ran across yesterday, so here's hoping they bring me lots of new ideas when they arrive, but that won't be for days yet. So,  here's wishing all my state side friends a safe 4th and I suppose everyone else should just have a nice Wednesday and I'll try to accomplish something of note today so tomorrow doesn't bore as well.

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