Thursday, July 26, 2012

That's Better

So it appears the Universe was listening yesterday as things started going a bit better for me. I mean, sure I started the day with a horrible and arduous gardening task and yes, I did end up hauling out the giant carpet cleaner to take care of months worth of cat messes that occurred in one unfortunate spot, but it got better after that.

The customer with the missing package continued to be quite reasonable and contacted me pretty early in the day so I didn't have to stress over it. I will be remaking her pieces, but I needed to order more beetle wings to do so. I spent the morning remaking the necklace base that they will go on once they do arrive. I even made a second so I can do one up for the shop at that point as well.

Then I began a conversation with a repeat customer that had purchased things for their brick and mortar in the past and was looking ahead for some masks for the Halloween season. It was truly refreshing to deal with someone thinking so far in advance because I knew whatever we ended up working out I would have plenty of time to get them made and sent before the season arrived. Of course as a little bit of a back slap from the universe the purchase was made with Etsy's internal credit card system. What's wrong with that? Well, the systems one big drawback in my opinion is this sort of circumstance. You see, you don't get the money transferred to you until you mark the order shipped. This means I won't see a dime of the already made payment until I finish several eye patches and a handful of masks. I mean, I'll live of course, but what if I needed that money to buy supplies for the order or something? Oh well, it's a minor complaint really.

As you can imagine, I'll be working on this order for some time, though having to wait for payment until they're shipped is sort of a proverbial kick the pants to get them done sooner rather than later so I'll speed through them as fast as I can manage without hurting myself. I'm already ridiculously sore this morning from those household tasks I undertook yesterday so I should really take it easy. I won't though. I'll keep working as usual hoping the Universe continues to throw better things my way and I'll also try to remember to take a few pictures to liven up these wordy posts.

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Amy Nicole said...

I feel the same about Etsy's credit card system. It's a pain in the arse!