Thursday, March 31, 2011

Okay, It's Thursday

Again, there was more assembly line tatting, but now that I am working on completing pieces, I have an estimated time to total completion. This means I know how many pieces need to be done each day and I can actually stop working on the project when those are done for the day. Good thing too because I was hammered with custom order requests yesterday evening. Nothing too big or complicated, but there were more than a couple of them at one time. This is made even more odd since I hadn't had an etsy sale in five days and have merely been renewing, not remaking anything.

The super secret package is on its way to arrive in L.A. today. I am crossing my fingers that it not only arrives safely, but it happily received and used as discussed. I hope that everything works out well and I am able to share the news in a few weeks, but if not at least I got paid right?

I'm afraid I took no pictures yesterday to share, so this is about it for me. I will be working on the large order and I might sneak in a bit of the custom work in the middle. I also need to get to major clean mode on the house for my youngest daughter has a birthday and party this weekend. As you might imagine, I have not been the most diligent house cleaner in recent weeks so my work these next few days is cut out for me. Oh and that thing I thought might be a cold or allergies, well it's allergies and despite antihistamine intervention, they are kicking my butt. Now, I wish it had been a passing cold...stupid Spring, with all your pollen and crap. Anyway, I'm off to it again.


jenilin said...

locally made honey always helps me through the allergy season. Those antihistamines put me out. Make sure you enjoy some chocolate tomorrow it's national tatting day you already have the tatting thing under way although it is a good time to make something tiny for yourself to enjoy!!!!

Crazy Mom! said...

Generic claritin is a good thing too. Sorry about the stuffies...