Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Found Again!

It's always wonderful to get a little unexpected attention. I get 'etsy finds' emails daily and I can't tell you how many times I've looked at their theme and thought, 'why not me?' Well, yesterday was Mardi Gras and their email theme followed that theme and as I scrolled down with that familiar thought, there was my white mask. Woo and also Hoo! If you don't get the email, here's a peek at it and clicking will take you to a image of the whole email if you're curious.

The day then of course brought a mess of new eyes to my shop, not tons of sales or anything, but those eyes favorited many things and that equals a very good day. The day wasn't all etsy finds though, I also made up the awareness bracelet and got that in the shop. I didn't have to make too many adjustments from the original, but I did add a hook to one end for easy wearing. The first was tied on to avoid using any metal, but the hook makes wearing it that much easier. As it has been pointed out, I can also easily change the color of the ribbons to match any cause one might want to support while still wearing a fancy lace bracelet.

I also managed to finish up one of the masks that needed remaking, but there are two left and I woke up to an idea for one of the bits I recently picked up on clearance, so I'll likely be distracted with that this morning. I do adore being busy. I have also been dealing with an increase in youtube subscribers and folks acting shocked that people are still tatting, including other tatters. I've been sending people in droves to Intatters to see the humongous community. It can't be too much longer that the shock begins to wear off because every time I visit Intatters the list of new members is mind boggling. Well, I'm up later than usual so if I missed sharing anything, sorry and I'm off to it.

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