Thursday, March 24, 2011

Busy, Busy

Well, let's see...I finished up all three new designs for the super secret project and have begun making the multiples required of me. I went ahead and stepped in it by designing one of the pieces with a time consuming clover, so it is taking a bit longer to make than I anticipated. I suppose in the heat of furious designing I didn't realize that reproducing it over and over was going to drive me crazy.

I'm feeling a bit disconnected as I am of course spending way less time meandering the Internet in favor of what I imagine is like 14 hours a day of tatting. It would be more, but I have stopped to eat and take care of the children's needs upon demand. I have also been forcing myself to stop at about 8 every evening so I can settle before bed. If I tat too close to bedtime, I get busy brain and then I can't sleep.

I wish I had something more interesting to share with you, but given my current workload, I'm a whole bunch of boring. I really can't even show you the designs I'm creating as I don't want to spoil any potential surprise. I swear I'll take some cat pictures today or something, so I at least have some pictures tomorrow. I am also taking a break from the Wunderkammer for a spell as it takes more time and brain power than I need to apply elsewhere, but hopefully I'll get enough done in the next couple of days that I can get back to it.

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Sherry said...

I'm just a newby in the cyber-tatting world, but an older craftser who knows about these occasional fast and furious moments - at least it is bringing in some extra MOO-lah, which many of us don't have ANY abundance of! I'm THRILLED that your business is going so well!! It shows how wonderful your work is!! HANG IN THERE!!