Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Put 'Em Up

It was another fairly productive day over in my neck of the woods. After being distracted by household duties both normal and odd, I had to clean up under the couches...the child 'lost' something, I got the demi gloves finished up. It did take me a while to suss out the best way to photograph them and after getting some dolled up pictures twitter helped me pick the best ones and helped me name them and they are now listed. This 'boxing' photo was quite popular with my twitter friends, but I did opt for a different photo for the main listing. I also admit that the price tag on these pieces is particularly high, but it is quite an involved, dense pattern with a little Celtic work as well as the time sucking embroidery so I'm sticking with it.

The advantages of being ones own model are the ability to take photos whenever you need to. The disadvantages are you have to get presentable on the laziest of days and then make faces into a camera hoping that the neighbors don't walk by and think you're a total loon. Okay, so they likely think that anyway. After the listing was up I went back to work on some sold pieces. Then I sold some masks and that planned today for me. I'd still like to get that awareness bracelet made up for the shop so I might take a break from masks to do that, but no playing with rings for me yet.

I should also be getting in some special order thread that was requested by a customer toward the end of the week. I have been commissioned to create several pieces in this thread. I'll show it to you when it gets here, but it's a poly blend thread chosen for its color and I have never worked with it before. I definitely prefer working with natural fibers, but we'll see if I can keep up my standards with non standard thread. I think that's it for me today, much tatting lies ahead.


Nikki said...

Love your gloves. Very cool, like everything you make. I wanted to ask you how you decide how long to leave your tail when starting a project? I wanted to make that center medallion from your mask on Instructables, but made it through three sections of the outside before running out of tail.

TotusMel said...

Thanks Nikki, Honestly, it's just practice...I never measure except with my arms, I just kind of know. That being said, I use about three arm lengths for the center medallion of the mask.