Tuesday, March 29, 2011

And Tuesday

I'm trying to decide this morning whether I am sick or not. The other option is that the instant Spring that sprouted up Sunday after weeks of rain has given me an accelerated allergies. My throat hurts, My nose is both stuffed and runny, there is sneezing and coughing as well as an accompanying headache.  Either way it is not a good morning as I have no time nor patience for either condition. It would be nice to know which medication is more likely to work though. Oh, well, what are you gonna do.

I did of course spend all of yesterday tatting And crocheting actually. One of the three pieces I'm making multiples of is the barefoot sandals. This isn't even all of the straps I still had like 20 more to make at this point. Oh, and I know you can't tell, but they are sitting atop the baggies that contain all the other bits for the other pieces. I've got everything in a freezer bag right now as I attempt to keep seven cats worth of fur off them.

I managed to finish all the various bits yesterday so it's onto the main construction of the pieces. This part should be slightly more satisfying as each piece I cut and tie is actually a finished item, but I fear this is also the part where time is going to really start dragging. The bits were quick to make even if there were hundreds of each of them. These are all substantial sections of tatting I need to do, so again I leave you knowing I won't be chatty again for quite some time. I miss being chatty.

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janepete said...

I would say don't worry too much about entertaining us I would love to know more about these projects but I know you'll tell us when the time comes. Meanwhile from what you've said it seems like these are great opportunities for you so I for one am happy to hear that good things are happening for you even if it leaves you a little less chatty for a while.