Tuesday, March 1, 2011


You will not believe what happened yesterday...unless of course you follow me on twitter, then you already know, but for everyone else this should be a shocker. Ready? My Masquerade mask has been SOLD! Yes, that mask, the one that took me weeks to construct, was lost in the mail during the fashion week fiasco and recently returned to me unharmed. It has found a home and even better than that the home it is going to is a good one. This wasn't just a buy and run, I got to have some lovely conversations with the new owner and I am so relieved that she will be fully appreciated and she may even be seen again in another creative pursuit. It's not my place to share what that might be, but if it comes to pass, you will know.

As you can well imagine, this was a bit of a shock for me and after it occurred, I spent much of the day in a state of disbelief. Yes, I know how much work went into it and I know it turned out well, but after so many people trying to negotiate the price down I resigned myself to it never selling and simply remaining a 'show piece'. Now of course I need to design a new one, something with the same over the top feeling, but I will need to wait for the proper inspiration to goad me into that weeks long process again. For now, I would like to say Woo Hoo and Huzzah to the giver!

No, that wasn't all I did yesterday. I made the mask buyer a matching embroidered pendant as a gift...which I didn't get any photos of, but then I went back to work on the new brown ring necklace...which I didn't get any pictures of yet. Ooh, I did list another of the one of a kind pieces. This one is another tatted around a huge metal ring and I picked up this domed bit as I went. Again, I made the stitches up as I went and really had no preconceived design. I call it, Tribal Sun and it is gigantic, but again surprisingly light for all the metal. I didn't even add a ring to hand it from and just wove the chain through the top lace.

I will get my mask in the mail today and hopefully get photos of the brown piece and get it listed as well. I also sold a few other pieces recently that I ought to get remade and since I am waiting for the inspiration fairy, I'll get on those in the meantime. I know, I know, I should just rest on my laurels for a few days, but you know I can't do that. My fingers must keep tatting and my mind must keep creating. Some days, I just feel so very lucky.


Ann Martin said...

Thrilled for you! Am confident we haven't heard the last about the mask. :)

Ame said...

Fabulous! I was tempted by that mask too, but couldn't justify the price for myself.

jenilin said...

that is so awesome congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!! I look forward to seeing that mask somewhere and informing people about the artist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

victats@gmail.com said...

congrats, now you have an excuse to make a new one!

AJ said...

YAY! There are few feelings better than selling the most expensive thing in your shop! Congratulations :)