Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ah, Wednesday

I'm up at an even more ridiculous hour than usual today, I had to 'help out' the tooth fairy since the husband has been out of town since Sunday and the oldest child had her loose tooth knocked out by one of the kittens yesterday. Yes, I am aware that sounds odd. She was holding said kitten and as he struggled to get away, he head butted her in the mouth and tooth gone. We're now calling her toothless as see is currently missing both top front's a classic. Yes, I could have 'helped' in the middle of the night, but I have a horrible time getting back to sleep once awake. I also cannot nap, so I'm up at four and I'm staying up.

Yesterday had a bit of an odd feeling as well. I took my mask to the post office and said goodbye to it for the last time. It was actually sort of anticlimactic as I just returned home and started back to work on remaking things. Then when I had a bit of light, I got the pictures taken of the brown ring piece. The large center ring makes this one huge. I did also try to mimic more of a gear teeth look with a few of them. The effect seems to be best from a distance as the floweriness seems to take over closeup. Either way, these are fun to make and I think I might have to acquire more rings.

Speaking of acquiring things, I think I should take some time to do some more supply orders. I am getting dangerously close to the end of my massive black thread box. I am also running low on my package stickers and business cards. Those are the things I always stall on. I wonder if I should change them, then decide it's okay, then I worry because if I don't change them I won't be able to until I'm running out again as I buy in bulk. Of course all this back and forth merely results in me actually running out before supplies are replenished and me mentally kicking myself yet again. So yes, that is what I will do today. I will make some decisions and get things ordered and if I don't tell you I did these things tomorrow, feel free to give me what for.


Babs said...

Hello Mel,

I'm sorry to bother you again but I have another question about the tatting. The flowers are going pretty well, but they aren't perfect yet. I have made quite a few allready and might fashion them into a little pillow or so. I have a size 5 (in European sizes) tatting needle, and when I ask for size 10 crochet thread I get a really thick thread. It gives very very thick loops and it doesn't really seems right. My mom thinks it's good to crochet a thick sweater or so, but not to tat. It looks very bulky when I work with it. Is there a difference in sizes around the world? In a local shop I have DMC tatting thread aswell, but that looks to thin.

Thanks a lot, Babs

TotusMel said...

Hi Babs, No I don't think there is a size difference, but honestly I'm not certain. Size 10 crochet cotton is the same size as perle cotton 5 if that helps. I suggest joining too. There are so many people there from all over the world that can give you more specific help too.

jenilin said...

i lov e the gear look it came out great!!!!!