Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Monday

Finally Saturday afternoon brought the thread I needed for a special order. It was chosen by the customer on ebay and I just picked it up myself to avoid all the extra shipping. I also learned a new lesson, even when the link to thread is provided by the customer, read the entire listing before purchasing. When I opened the thread/yarn I smelled the ball and was greeted with the smell of cigarette smoke. Yuck. I went back and read the listing and it was clearly mentioned that it did not come from a smoke free home. If I had read better, I could have looked elsewhere for the same stuff, but I didn't. Luckily as I am working with the thread the smell is quickly dissipating. Hopefully a quick wash will take any lingering small away and my lesson has been learned.

I should have the last piece in that order done today and I'll try to get some pictures to show you this thread/yarn. I've been trying to take pictures, but the color is just not showing up the way it really looks. It is neon yellow and ridiculously bright. It is also acrylic and works closer to yarn than thread which I don't enjoy, but I persevere for the good customer.

The only other thing to share this weekend is the inclusion of my barefoot sandal tutorial on the Instructables email newsletter. Views of the tutorial were already good, but this shot them right past 10,000. I've also received a few messages on etsy of thanks. My favorite ones are those that tell me that they have given up on tatting and that my tutorials got them to try again. More thread addicts into the fold my friends. Well, that's it really. I did respond to the large order inquiry with the huge shipping quote I got for UPS as well as a long time estimate for completion and I haven't heard back. I might have scared them away, but honestly that to rushing myself and settling for 'maybe it'll get there' shipping just to snag the order. So if they do respond at least it will be on my terms.

Damn time change has the day already wasting away on me, so I best get to it. Happy Monday all.

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AJ said...

Smoky-smelling neon yellow yarn? Oh my goodness. This must be a really good customer for you to put up with that :)