Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Not What I Meant

Done. It took me much of the day to finish up the pile of Neon Yellow tatting, but I managed to capture the color almost as it is in real life. The yarn/thread is really very soft and though it worked up ever so slightly smaller than size 10 thread, I was able to make some minor adjustments to keep the pieces the same size. I did have to work slower to ensure that I didn't pull too tight, but it didn't snag as much as I thought it would and after pressing it looks pretty good. Also. you'll be glad to know they are free from all unpleasant smells. I guess acrylic doesn't hold onto smells quite as fiercely as natural fibers.

Now, I should have started remaking a mask as soon as I was finished, but instead I went back to tatting around rings. I though it would be nice to do some smaller pieces that could easily be remade and were meant to be symmetrical. Of course as soon as I post a picture of what I came up with two problems arose. One, it apparently looks like a Mickey Mouse head. This was not intentional, but now that it has been pointed out to me, that is all I can see. Two, it's not actually symmetrical. I thought I had the stitch counts the same on both side rings, but I was off by one, which I really ought to have noticed. So to solve both problems. I will just remove one side ring and redo it replacing it a bit lower on the side to solve the first problem. No, I don't have anything against Mickey, but his head was certainly not what I was going for.

So, I guess I'll be fixing that necklace this morning and then I'll get back to the art of remaking. Then I think, more rings...maybe in gray next time.


jenilin said...

i didn't notice the extra stitch but i am happy to see you are redesigning ever so slightly, i thought it looked a bit mickeyish!!!!!

HippieKender said...

Aww, I'm sorry I pointed out that it looks like Mickey Mouse. My intention was not to cause you more work.