Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Let's Try That Again

Ah, much better right? What's silly is I had originally thought about this configuration for  the necklace, but then decided it might hang better the other way. Well, it turns out the metal rings solve that problem easily, weighting the piece just enough that it hangs perfectly. I guess this is a lesson in go with your gut.

After I got the photos taken for the listing I started getting antsy to clean things up around here instead of tat. No, I don't know what's wrong with me. I blame the Spring weather and open windows. Of course the rain will be here today so hopefully that should quell my urge to clean and I can finish the mask I started yesterday.

Alright, I just have one vent I need to get out before I get going for the day. If you're an Etsy seller, buyer or follow any of them on say Twitter, you've likely heard about the recent privacy issues that have arisen because of there attempts at socializing shopping on the site. Some of the articles written about the issue have overblown it a bit, or rather have caused people to overreact a bit. My opinion on the core issue is that Etsy was created by a group of Internet savvy, forward thinking folks. They know they must continue to evolve to survive even if that means a few missteps along the way. They also tend to think that more people think like them than actually do. Did they step in it? Oh, yes, but only because they were not more transparent with *all* their customers. No matter what you think of the changes, if they had taken more time to convey those changes in advance and given people the opt in/opt out options earlier and with reminders, they would only be dealing with squeaky wheels and not articles on Ars Technica and Forbes.

Honestly though, that's not what I wanted to vent about. What is eating at me are those squeaky wheels. Seriously, some people who I normally like are driving me up the worst wall. They are constantly talking about this and basically chanting at etsy, 'see, we told should have listened to us' over and over again. They either already get it or they don't, your constant barrage is accomplishing nothing, but annoying everyone else.  They are using this as an opportunity to convince others to defect to other sites. There has even been talk of boycotting etsy. Really. Personally I feel that sort of move does nothing but hurt people like,

Am I an etsy cheerleader? Maybe a little. I wouldn't be where I am now without them and the venue they created. More importantly though, I see their point of view. I'm not down with the whole social shopping thing, but I'm not all that social, so I changed my preferences accordingly. My purchases are private as are my favorites. I'm also not all that concerned with people knowing my real name and associating that with my etsy name. Everyone knows my real name and if you don't, a quick google search solves that in a few seconds. So no, I'm not leaving etsy over this. I've worked too long and hard to make a name for myself there and this too shall pass. Yes, I have thought about opening a second shop at Art Fire or a few other places, but it's not really worth the extra effort to maintain more inventory. If I ever leave it will be for my own store front and I don't think that will be happening any time soon either.

Vent over. Here's hoping for a whine free day, tatting and moving on.


Pamela said...

I agree on all counts.

Unknown said...

Muy buena idea usar anillos metalicos para mantener la forma. Gracias paor compartirlo