Friday, March 18, 2011


From a day full of milestones to a day full of, well just working. I finished tatting up the custom mask as well as the matching necklace, but I still have the embellishing to do on the mask. It's one of my newest masks, 'Such a Sad Love' in black and tatting it is just the first step. It needs crystals sewn in, embroidery around the edge and the beaded dangles ending in crystals. I didn't always make it in that order, but eventually I understood that adding bits that swing first makes everything harder. Yes, I'm aware you probably didn't need that bit of advice.

Toward the end of the afternoon I also sold one more of the 'For Japan' Medallions so once the mask is wrapped, I am pleased to be making another of those.  I did re list it again and I do hope to sell the last two I can make, allowing me to donate $120 to the Red Cross. I have made more than a few things over the years that were used to earn money for causes, but this is the first time, I am personally doing the donating and it feels rather nice. Of course I would go broke doing it all the time, but maybe a little more often anyway.

I'm afraid I don't have much else to share as it was definitely a production day. I will try to remember to get a few pictures of this custom mask before it's out the door to show you though. The day after a milestone or anniversary is always a bit of a let down even when little fuss is made. I always need to spend some time looking at numbers, evaluating and figuring out what the next goal to work toward is. I find creating finish lines, no matter how small or insignificant, goes a long way toward keeping me motivated and moving forward. A friend of mine on twitter commented the other day that I possessed the qualities of "Persistence, patience, focus" and that she found those qualities inspiring. Well, it's those finish line that keep me there...well that and the ever present childhood dream of one day being famous. Well then, I'm off to make goals, live famously and probably do the dishes and I think scoop the kitty litter too.

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jenilin said...

i'm glad you gave that little bit of advise I wondered why you chose to add embelishments in rather that tatting them in. I am also happy to say not that you care but I have been using you as inspiration for a long while now as i have hoped for a bit of fame to come my way someday for my skills, I always shuttle tatted since I was 16 then a few years ago I got onto the needle tatting band wagon due to your encouragement but I quickly realized my styled differed greatly from yours and felt no progression with tatting so on I went to my other skills and soon I hope to have a bit of stuff on my etsy shop. I just want to thank you on behalf of myself and perhaps the others who read your blog daily and learn from your patience and persistance!!!!!!!