Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday, Is It

Another day of tat, tat, tatting. Around mid afternoon I did have a bit of a scare regarding my secret project. Thier credit card wasn't working in paypal and there was a tense hour or so of trying to find an alternate method of payment where I was almost certain that I had shot myself in the foot by insisting on up front payment. Then the simple error was discovered and everything is right back on track. I honestly think the gods do this to me on purpose just to make me appreciate all the good things a little more. A little extra sweating keeps you from resting on your laurels I suppose. I have sussed out after yesterdays work on the large order that it will take at least two more weeks to complete the order unless I develop super powers...which could happen, but is quite unlikely, so here's more kitten pictures.

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