Thursday, February 25, 2010

Yes, Another Secret

The cough has started albeit slowly and with less ferocity than my family experienced. I just hope this doesn't mean that it wants to last longer with me. I'm definitely working slower than usual, but I am still definitely working. I decided to put the new pendant on a micro bead chain and got it listed in the afternoon after I finished remaking a Ladies Who Lunch choker. As I was making that it occurred to me that while I do occasionally refer to my pattern notebook and pictures, I have a ridiculous number of patterns memorized. Sure, they tend to have tons of repeats, but still the sheer brain space these things must be taking up...I shall blame that for all my other memory failings for this point forth.

I know I have mentioned this in the past, but a super secret project that was actually initially imagined over a year ago is moving forward as I type. Now, I can not speak to the nature of the project as it has been established that we shall 'sit on our genius' until the concrete realization of the project. I am truly tickled by the possibilities that this project may bring and I promise you that I will share more when I can. I further promise you that you will LOVE it. Yeah, I know bold statement, but I think it might be true.

While most of the details and the true nature of the project must remain under wraps I can share some of the beginnings. Yes, I'm that certain that you won't guess from this. What are you looking at? Well, a pile of small hearts. I am currently trying to design just the right heart. I know many people write this sort of stuff out first, not me. I just start tatting and see what happens. In fact you might notice some stray threads in the picture from pieces abandoned before completion as they were not working out at all. I actually think I have already found the winner of the heart off, but a few others are just fine as well and might by re purposed to pendant status or even earrings as they are small enough for that. I have to admit that even though I designed these blind, without so much as a peek around at other designs...I fear that they might resemble others designs...I really should go look around at this point and see. I mean it's a heart, we've all made these and there are likely dozens of existing designs for them. Meh, I probably won't go look. I know I made them, what other proof do I need.

There are a couple of other small pieces that I bet you can't make out in the picture at all for various stages of the project and I have a few more small designs that I need to come up with here very soon. Seriously, this will be big...I was going to say epic, but I think I may have been overusing that word so, I'll stick with big. Oh, and don't do trying to guess, seeing if I'll allude to the truth. I think this one will be better as a surprise. So that is what I'll be working on today, unless I hear back from my custom order customer. Yes, I started this one before I was paid too...I don't need a lecture. I'll be able to use these designs either way too.

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