Monday, February 8, 2010


Good morning Monday. I'm afraid that it wasn't an amazingly productive weekend. No surprise features, no spikes in views and this crazy no sales for days thing is beginning to get me down a bit. So much so, that I am actually starting to do something about not having any advertising. Not something swift of course, but I'm moving on it. I have to remind myself that it is generally slow this time of year, though I have not been selling masks for Mardi Gras, nor have I made any heart related sales. I guess lace is not the gift of the year.

I did get a little work done as I received a package of hand dyed thread I had been anxiously awaiting. Initially, it was just to be replacement for the much used deep purple, but I got a light purple, a emerald green and a turquoise. The turquoise is a special one, since this is the first time I have acquired a shade specifically because it's suppose to be the color of the year. Yeah, I have no idea how many people buy into this stuff, but it can't hurt to at least attempt to represent the color in my shop. I used it first for a custom order, then I decided that the best first step was an Immortal Corsage bracelet.

The thread has a bit of variation in the color which I do like. While, I don't generally like variegated hand dyed thread, I like the subtle variations on the solid colors that seem to give the piece just a bit more depth. I also got started on the first 'normal' colored version of the Mad Hatter piece. I think I was right, the design seems to have translated well to a more subtle version. Oh, don't get me wrong, it's still a big piece with a lot going on, but the color scheme will make it more wearable I think. I did this one in purples using the new and old hand dyed shades, along with a lavender. I don't have any pictures as I made this one yesterday over at the in-laws house...waiting for the commercials to begin. Okay, yes I watched that game thing too, but we go for food and commercials. I've still got the chain to make yet, so it won't be finished until tomorrow most likely.

I will be pulling a winner on my first facebook giveaway later this morning. I'm pretty impressed with the number of entries and the ego boost from the comments is nice. I think I will plan to do these at every hundred fans. I suppose that's a fairly good incentive for people to stick around and follow my meanderings. I am also starting to gear up for a load of anniversaries coming up, the etsy store is turning 4 in April, this blog is almost 2 and the Wunderkammer turns 1 about the same time. Funny, how time flies. There will likely be a HUGE TotusMel event to incorporate all these events...something that will span all the sites, what that will be I have no idea right now, but it will be something. Now, onto Monday I suppose.


Emi said...

Lovely color and it works really well for this bracelet.
Can't wait to see the toned down Mad Hatter piece =)

♥ Heather ♥ said...

OMG does that look beautiful with the black. WOW!

Koroneczka said...

I admire ideas!Beautiful!