Friday, February 19, 2010

Drama and Lace

Ah Friday, that magically day. Only one more day worth of stuff that has to be done before there are couple of days where stuff only 'should' get done. Yeah, there's barely a difference, but I am wiped this week so I'm clinging to it. Yesterday was another odd one, sure it was my own fault for being curious and diving into the tatting drama that I stumbled upon. I'm not going to go into details as it serves no other purpose than to drag out the issue which I honestly think was someones intention...sorry, I'm stopping. Anyway the drama brought up other fairly non related drama and my morning was spent in a search for the truth of that matter. I ran into a phrase I had not actually heard before in reference to needle tatting and that was 'faux tatting'. This set me off more than I would like to admit and after much research I came back to a phrase I saw not so long ago though I can't remember who said/wrote it first. 'The knot does not care how it was made.' I thank that person who I can't remember the name of immensely for that peaceful thought and that it where I would like to leave all of that nonsense. Again, sorry for the cryptic, but as much as I needed to vent, I was not about to start even more drama as a result of it.

Back to the caterpillar. I've been staring and hoping that it would say to me in plain language, 'I'm done.' but it hasn't happened as of yet. I did fix the issue I was having with the lace folding with a small piece of wire. I thought about the questions brought up in the comments and here are the answers. I stopped the spots because they are only on the head portion of the 'real' caterpillar and as to the other question, I can devise no way to add eyes that wouldn't come off as creepy. Back to the dots though, just now, I looked over at the piece and I think that might actually be the ticket. I got caught up in reproducing that I forgot that this is suppose to be inspired by the character, not a reproduction of him. I think adding the dots all the way around would give the piece that finished look that has alluded me. Thank you, oh readers for your comments, they are useful...especially you victats for the questions.

Though I remained stumped on the caterpillar I moved full steam ahead on the new necklace design. After faithful reproduction of the original pattern, I busted out the scissors to cut away a useless row. Then I was back to my old ways of making stuff up as I go. I came up with a few adjustments and a whole new row. This actually shrank up the piece a little, so I'm now in the process of devising a continuation of the pattern that makes up for a small amount of space. Seriously, sometimes the hardest bit of a necklace design is adjusting for the right length without completely mangling the design.

After I get that worked out and apparently after I make a zillion little blue dots for the caterpillar, I'll work the piece up in black and them it's final color combination that is part of the secret so I won't be sharing that. Then I need to design a variation of the necklace. One that matches, but is different. I already have a good idea of how that is going to work, but as we know, things don't generally work out as planned. Now I shall leave you with yesterday's picture from my 365 project, because I liked it a lot and thought you might too.
Tunnel of Lace


♥ Heather ♥ said...

yea the 'faux tatting' thing gets me too. Just by pass it dont worry IMHO it looks just about the same. I do both so Whatever lol Anyways i am anxious to see the completed caterpillar :)
Have a good weekend.
PS I know who you are talking about too ;)

Emi said...

can't wait to see the finished caterpillar as well as your mystery custom piece!

have a lovely weekend and don't let the haters get you down! ♥

Willowish said...

I guess I'm too new to the tatting world (sneaking over from crochet world actually) I've never heard about needle tatting being referred to as "faux." "faux tatting" is thread crochet. That is why it was developed and what it was designed to be, to my knowledge.

That being said, I'm gonna fangirl a little bit and say I love the earrings and necklace my sis in law got for me from your etsy store for Christmas!

Martha said...

"The knot does not care how it was made." What a beautiful and serene statement. Please let us know if you find out who said it.

TotusMel said...

Martha - I went back and dug through the threads over at intatters to find the source of the quote. It was PattyD who I first saw write that peaceful phrase.

So, Thanks Patty!