Friday, February 12, 2010

Dee Dum

The Cheshire Cat, he is done. The finishing touches turned out to be the thread outlining. I added a couple of these subtle stripes at the eye edges and in a few spots along the forehead. Oddly enough I think the embroidery strengthened the lace. I mean, I went ahead and very lightly stiffened the ears, but they were standing just fine once the outline was complete. It also seems to have helped the joins to be a bit stronger. In short, good idea. I'll be getting the mask listed in the shop later this morning. I gave a quick preview to the facebook fans and I was a bit overwhelmed with the response. Again, I have to say what great fans and friends I have!

Immediately upon completion of the photos for the mask, I began to drift to the next Wonderland denizen to be done. There are no pictures of me wearing the mask incidentally...I was having a bad skin day. Anyway, I wanted to do the Caterpillar next, but Wonderland had other ideas for me and I began work on Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. Long ago I made a pendant design I called the faux Faberge. It was egg shaped and I thought perfect for the boys. Now, I did take one liberty with their design, the boys are identical, but I chose to make these opposites, at least in color. I have only gotten the motifs made up thus far and the plan is to attach them onto a chain with perhaps some shinies so that they hang sort of crooked, one higher than the other sort of like they are posed here.

I've got a bit of adventuring to do with the family today, so you'll have to wait until Monday to see what I do with them. I'll likely post it up on the fan page though, if I do get anywhere. Then I might try another stab at the caterpillar. If I had an actual watch face lying around, I might give the white rabbit a go as well, but I don't think I have any. This project started as a way to use up stashed materials, so it would defeat the point to go and get anything that wasn't already here. Though I think we all know, that it moved way beyond that quite some time ago. Anyway, I'm off, enjoy the new Wonderland member.


Emi said...

I could see it looking really neat done in a lariat style with a few different ways to where it... definitely something that keeps them off-kilter.
I really like the opposite colors, they play off each other more than if they were identical.

TypsTatting said...

Love the mask it turned out great!!!