Thursday, February 4, 2010

Yep, Mad As A Hatter

Each detail I added to the Mad hatter piece got me more excited about it. Seriously, it began almost as a throwaway after the first failure. I was only continuing simply to put the task behind me. I mean, let's face it, these are ridiculous colors here, they are bold, bright, garish even, so I was not entirely invested in the thing. I kept referring back to the Hatter pictures and saying to myself that it was right, these were the colors and I should keep going.

The base of the piece is the same as before, but this time, I used a large central flower with two extra layers. Then I added small rings around the edges the instead of flowers. Each of those was sewed on with a brass swarovski round and then embroidered around. I added some more filament embroidery around the center flower and then I popped that hat pin back in. Then I was in a bit of a pickle. I though I had some brass chain around here, but I did not. So rather than wait and buy some...I decided to make my own. I reshaped large brass jump rings to hold a brass round and then used smaller jump rings to connect them together. My fingers are still a little sore from it...and I remember when I thought I wanted to do chain maille...I'm over that now.

So to recap, insanely colored piece, hand made chain and I am still boggled on pricing the thing. It is one of a kind for no other reason than the pin was a found object. So, I might try to get the pictures done to list it today, but I will probably stress out more on the pricing for a bit, well that and wonder which bold individual will wear such a piece. Here's a secret though, I wore it around the house to test the weight and hang and I actually like it...really. I mean, you'd have to wear it with black because any other color would probably cause clashing, but it certainly makes a statement...even if the statement is 'I'm a bit off'. I think I might recreate the piece in more complimentary colors at some point. Maybe reds, or purples or maybe even greys with steel colored beads and silver filament. Yeah, that might be nice.


Emi said...

very fun and definitely a bit off but that can often be a good thing.
As for for making your own chain - nice work. I know what you mean about having sore fingers tho, I tend to overdo it, spend all day working on a piece, and end up with such sore hands I can barely play my video games! Still, its worth it in the end - in fact I just finished something you might like . =P
It is my humble opinion that you should do a Cheshire cat themed piece next 'cause I bet you could come up with something pretty cool.

Sewicked said...

I have a sweater, a very open crochet sweater. It's orange, yellow, teal, turquoise & green; in circles. And there are beads in concentric rings around the center of some of those circles. It is eye-popping bright. And when I wear it over a black turtleneck it is absolutely 'wow', instead of 'ow.' So you might be surprised by how that necklace works in the wild.

. c h o k l i t . said...

Love the handmade chain... want to get a closer look at it. Worth the sore fingers!

Donnelly said...

What a great piece! Takes my breath away. You are an amazing artist! Thanks for sharing with us! Have a great day!