Friday, February 5, 2010

Whirl Wind

Well, that was one heck of a day. My Grandfather who had been staying with us left early in the morning, so by 7 it already seemed late. Then I fretted on twitter that my last few listing were not showing up in a was relevancy Thursday. The day chosen by etsy to etsy out a new search engine on the site. What happened then was odd and fortuitous...etsy responded. Yep, Anda took the time to test some searches for me and give me some tips on the search. I was pleasantly surprised. I mean, I am an apologetic defender of the site, I have seen it through dozens of changes and growing pains and I don't plan on leaving. That said, every so often I wonder if the deserve my loyalty...they do.

That wasn't all Anda did for me that morning, she also posted my Shoe jewelry to the Etsy fan page. I thought, 'well, that's nice'. Then a while later I went to check it out...dude. They have nearly 100,000 fans and there stands over 40 comments on the post of my piece. The final tally of views to my etsy shop from this single post, 3500. My average daily views currently stand somewhere in the 175 range and even when I was on the front page for an hour the views only hit 1600 or so. Better yet, I actually got sales, many of them. All of this because I whined just a bit out of frustration.

It would have been a perfect day, but I had the mother of all headaches most of it, sapping the joy from the events. Oh right...event(s). There was one more. Through the power of the facebook post, as well as a few twitter friends, my fan page broke through the 300 mark that I had set for a giveaway. I get a bit jealous about others with many more fans, but I take pride in knowing mine are not etsy sellers there to acquire reciprocal fanning and most have found me in a pleasantly organic fashion. In short, I am proud that most of my fans are actually fans. So to thank them I will be giving away a piece, starting a little later today there will be a giveaway post that fans can post on to enter to win. I'll keep it open until Monday when I will choose a winner or two...we'll see.

The Mad Hatter piece is also now listed and I think I might be done with Wonderland...though honestly if I can think of anything for the Cheshire Cat or the Caterpillar...I might go back. I'll probably be playing catch up all weekend to get things remade. Though I'm kind of getting addicted to having new pieces to show off. I feel like a kid stuck in a class of perpetual show and tell and I must have something to show. This might be a problem...I'll just take a deep breath and see you all again on Monday.

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Sewicked said...

A fellow bus commuter was talking about her daughter's wedding. It's a mix of formal & modern (invitations use funky font but the wording is formal). I had to mention your work, of course.