Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Caterpillar

I know I should do something epic today, but I just this moment noted that this is my 500th blog post and all I can really think is, yikes. So, I shall just leave it at the acknowledgment and move on. Usually, I rely on my google alerts to share features with me but it was the analytics that alerted me to a new one...in French. A lovely facebook fan apparently shared my work on a fashion networking site and this is actually the second article to result from that. The very similar wording leads me to the conclusion that they originated at the same place as does the comparison to Chanel's new rub on tattoos. This one is at The Trendy Girl and the first one was at Set Your Style. So thanks to the fashion blogging world...keep it up, no really...go right ahead!

Back to the tatting world now. I did decide to get on with the caterpillar. I went with my new hand dyed green thread as the base color then set it aside to work out a pattern. I could have sworn that I had a vintage edging around here with the proper undulating effect that I wanted, but after a search through my abandoned and prototype tatting box, I came up empty. I did of course run across several older designs that might be brought back to life at some point. I do hate to give up on a design. Anyway, with no preexisting design to work off of, I started by modifying the basic vine pattern to make it curve in and out. Then I added a second row that switched from one side to the other further enhancing the curve. It kind of reminded me of drawing a ribbon.

Once I was happy with the prototype, I switched to the hand dyed thread. I hate to waste any thread, so I wanted to be sure before I began. Here, you can see the wave forming with the vine pattern. I made a fairly long length, but I think I should have gone longer since the second row really does pull the curve up making the overall length shrink up. I have a clever idea for joining the necklace, but I'm not certain how to accomplish it yet. Yes, this is another of my just tat it and see how it goes moments. I am not a good designing role model...don't do what I do.

When I started the second row, I added rings at the joins on a whim. I thought perhaps they would give the impression of little caterpillar feet. In a subtle way though, not the 'there's a bug on my neck way'...okay maybe a little like that. So this is where I left off. My Grandfather who had just visited from two states over came right back to bring us some things. I think he was insane to do so, but I thank him for the visit as well as the things. We took him out to dinner and he was already back on the road this morning before I woke up and I wake up early. Today is finally a school day again and though I do enjoy a bit of a break, I relish in the routine to get things done around here, including my tatting. So hopefully I'll get some more done on the caterpillar and then I feel compelled to create some new fashion pieces to play to the blog attention. Can't let trend potential slip me by, now can I?

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wobblinbetty said...

Hi pamela! ur creations are lovely, keep up the good work!