Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm Disappointed In You

Oh, postal are a vital part of our lives, you are a vital part of my business. Why, oh why, dear postal service, must you do inane things? I had a package I ordered take months to arrive because you sent it first to the wrong house, then back and forth over creation apparently. More recently you made a package disappear somewhere between here and Canada. This package contained a one of a kind face mask. I did not make a prototype. I did not write down my pattern. What I did do was spend the majority of yesterday pouring over, thankfully well detailed photographs of said piece, trying to faithfully reproduce it. Look, postal service, I'm not angry, but you can't go around doing this sort of're better than that. Point A to point B...this is your mission, your purpose. Don't screw it up again.

Moving on then...well there really wasn't much else going on yesterday as I labored on the above referenced project. Lucky for me the customer is understanding rather than accusatory. I will get that piece done today and hopefully I'll get back to some secret work as well. Did the month just sneak by for anyone else? I woke up this morning with the, 'crap, it can't be time to pay bills already can it?' screaming in my ear. Silly February and your lack of days.

A couple more things before I shut up for the week. I was asked to participate in a giveaway and I decided to go ahead and do so. You can find the giveaway for one of my Templar pendants in gray on the Fire and Ice blog. The giveaway is open until March 25th, so feel free to sneak over there and enter. Also, I am now just 4 sales away from the magic number 1000...yes I will continue to count down until I hit that number. That is it for me for the week, see you Monday!

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