Monday, February 22, 2010

The Hookah Smoking Caterpillar

The caterpillar spent Friday morning being embellished by dozens of little blue dots and you know what? It worked. Yep, as soon as I stepped back and looked at the finished piece I felt that sensation, that knowledge that it was done. Whew. It got listed quite quickly after that and has been added to the Wonderland mix.

As I was working on that I got a request from a photographer for a white mask. She wants to use it in a Lady GaGa inspired shoot. Normally, I'd loan out the mask for this sort of thing, provided I liked/trusted the photographer, but white & makeup do not mix, so a deal was struck. I will be sending off my incredible, crazy, sequins and crystal whole face mask to finally get the photo shoot that it so desperately needs. I've wanted to list it forever, but I just don't have the skills needed to due it justice. So, hopefully I'll have some amazing pictures in the next month or so.

I'm also hard at work on the two custom and secret choker designs. I feel weird not sharing them with you all, but eventually you'll get to see them. One is a bit of a collar one only a little the portrait chokers little sister or something and the other is a variation on my Gothic Princess design made to match the other. I really like them both so as soon as the secret is spilled, I'll post both here.

On Saturday, we spent much of the day supporting some friends who had the grand opening of their comic book shop. Since the owners of our local shop passed away about a year ago we've not had one in town. We've tried to be as helpful as we can with the shop as our entire family enjoys comics. Obviously this meant no tatting, but I did have some very interesting conversations, most notably with a friend who happens to be a world class comic artist who was doing a signing there. He offered much advice on dealing with multiple Internet presences and dealing with the crap people say on the web. It's nice to know that we all deal with this stuff no matter what our art is, plus he is really fun to talk to. Unfortunately, we never go out, so this one day of activity left me with a Sunday of headache and exhaustion. I did manage to get one of those custom necklaces done and the design prototype for the other is finished as well, so I can work on that today. Oh and remaking a few things...and there's a mask on the list too and did I mention a White Rabbit mask...yeah, it might be a busy week.

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Linda said...

I love looking at your tatting and admire your work. You have really made this work as a business for you! Thanks for the inspiration.