Monday, February 15, 2010

The Tweedle Brothers

So when is a Monday, not a Monday? When ones spouse has managed to create a five day weekend from Thursday to Monday of course. It is further reduced by the sheer magnitude of the 'weekend' I just had. Seriously it was so very long. I shall give you a quick recap so that you may understand my fatigue at this early hour. Friday began fairly normally, but morphed in the afternoon as we attended a field trip that included the Great backyard Bird count followed by an impromptu trip to the zoo. Then during nap time there was cleaning to do as Saturday evening included the most insane thing this house has ever seen. My point is it the whole thing was already off on Friday.

Saturday began with yard work as the sun was shining and we had much winter to undo, including the destruction the backyard landscapers reaped on the front yard. Weeds to pull everywhere and and cleanup while entertaining the children. More cleaning inside the house and then the hour arrived when we were to babysit my sisters 4 children overnight, but wait there is more. The spouse thought is would be fun to invite his brothers 2 children to stay as well for a big old cousin sleepover. If you're keeping count that equals 8 children between he ages of 2 and 10 including my own. My mother in law stayed to help and my brother visited for a while in the evening with my mom's dog, but lets just say, I am exhausted. As the children departed Sunday afternoon there was still the matter of Valentines to attend to, mostly for the kids and now I am left with a Monday of more cleaning to prepare for a guest tonight and...well...I'm tired.

I did manage to get some tatting done over the weekend. I listed The Cheshire Cat mask on Friday to many views. In fact I think it was my fastest item to receive over 100 views with no feature of some sort. Then I finished up the Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum piece. The tatting had already been done, so only the chain was left to make. This one used seed beads and glass pearls and then I added a few more random red beads of which I have no more, to flesh out the piece. I got that one listed as well.

Then I proceeded to remake a couple of sold pieces, basically busy work during the few moments of rest I got over the weekend. The last denizen of Wonderland that is on the list to be made for certain is the caterpillar. My delay with this piece is attempting to get the right color for him. There are fewer pictures of him out there and he seems to be that same turquoise blue that I used for the cat, but I keep thinking that he should be more green. I already have a concept in mind for him, so once I settle on the color it shouldn't be too long to come up with the right pattern to realize it. I keep thinking about the rabbits as well, but not sure what to do for either of them. There is no one telling me that I need to make something to represent them, so I suppose if I can't think of anything I'll just let it go. This Wonderland stuff has been fun though, it gets my mind off the competitiveness Ive been feeling with a few newer tatters...all up in my Internet space...doing the same things I have done...anyway, deep breath and moving on.

I have a picture from the museum display I helped on for my aunt, but I'll save that for tomorrow since I'm not likely to get much done today worth talking about tomorrow. One last note though...I'm just 15 sales away from 1000 so be warned that celebration is coming soon.

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Dusty said...

Beautiful piece! Great article.