Thursday, February 18, 2010

Not Quite There Yet

I think I had another off day. Something just wasn't know when you can't quite put your finger on the problem, but it still manages to soil the day. I did spend a little time trying to get the caterpillar just right. I made a few more adjustments to the metal bits and I think I'm almost there. I just have one more little problem with the way the lace will behave hung like this. If I can suss out a solution to this issue, the caterpillar might get it's photo shoot today and get listed...if I can suss it out. I like the way everything hangs, but it put a little stress on the bottom of the lace to bend. I may just insert a bit of wire to solidify the piece, but that is so not fun.

In other designing news, I started work on a set of custom necklaces. The only odd bit is the customer wants to remain a bit in the dark concerning their design as one is a surprise and apparently she is not so good at keeping those a secret. The less she knows, the less she can share. Makes sense. So I shall do my level best to remain a bit cryptic on the design work, but I have to share a bit don't I?

This little section is the edge of a doily that I plan on doing a bit of reverse engineering on to create the final design. I of course had to make a section of said doily before I could begin to break it down and use the elements properly with a few other ideas to create the final design. It's always hard to follow the exact pattern in the first place. I always want to start modifying right off the bat, but the process works so much better if I have a correct representation of the original. I am likely to axe the extreme picot party of this design and there is much work to do to join it to the other sections, but I have already tested the design for shape and it's perfect on that front.

Oh, one more small bit of news. In a continuation of the fashion blogging news I've already shared, yesterdays google alerts brought me another feature., this time at trend hunter. This time it is perfectly clear that they have mistook the 'tats' in' TotusMel Tats' to mean tattoos and again are assuming that my attempt was to create non permanent tattoos. I mean, sure I'll take all the press you want to give me, but I'd much prefer that they 'get' what it is. So...

Dear fashion blogging world, thank you for the notice, really it is wonderful, but it's tatting, not crochet or knit. It has absolutely no relation to tattooing except in your perception that it resembles it. Thank you again, please continue to mention my work at your convenience and I am available for interviews.

There, that ought to do it right? Maybe? Anyway, I'll be working more on the custom pieces as well as hopefully putting those final touches on the caterpillar today and maybe it will be a 'normal' day.

2 comments: said...

I've been trying to figure out a comment all day. It does feel nearly finished but 2 questions that may or maynot help
1. why did you stop the blue dots?
2. why not something eye like so you visualize head and tail?
I like the fat feeling of the edging you chose and the colors.

elsiee said...

the green necklace is STUNNING!! and your right there's not such thing as bad press! be nice if they got it right though... ah well!