Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Pendant

So, yes I was sick yesterday and while my sore throat has left me I feel worse this morning. It's mostly tired, you know that all over drained feeling. I of course have no time for such nonsense. I have things to do. I spent the portion of yesterday when I was not attempting to rest, tatting up the custom necklaces. They are now done, but I'm waiting to hear back on one more issue before I finish the last piece in the custom package. While I was sitting about I looked over at the pile of lace and saw a new design sitting in there.

This happens all the time and I figured since I was so busy with secret stuff I would go ahead and make the pendant I saw in the pile and get that up if for no other reason than to have something new to share. By itself the motif, created by basically mirroring an edging I was working, was a little plain. So I decided to dress it up with a little filament embroidery and a sew on swarovski. I still can't believe I bought those on a whim thinking I would never use them. I haven't quite yet decided whether this one will hang from a simple bead chain or something, well...nicer, but it's new and I'm sharing.Well, that's almost all I have for today. Just one last thing.

I neglected to mention an interview post that was put up Monday evening. It was another of those things I did a while ago and nearly forgot about until I received the message that it was up. You can find it on Unofficial Etsy Featured Sellers. I think I actually said a few clever things, so if your bored or something, check it out. That my friends is all I have to give for today. Hopefully this illness doesn't morph any further, but I know that it will, I still have uncontrollable coughing to look forward to, so yay! Oh, more thing. I am now down to 8 sales before 1000. It's okay to keep counting down all obsessive like...right?


Sewicked said...

If you have what I'm recovering from, then yes, you have lovely, lovely, uncontrolled, productive coughs to anticipate. I <3 chest rub stuff.

Nora Grace said...

Beautiful pendant. And the only thing that helps this cold going around is sleep...and I still have the cough 2 weeks later!

Donnelly said...

Wonderful piece. I love the beads and crystal! Thanks for sharing. Have a great day!