Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So Many Secrets

I started the day with a poor choice. I read a comment indicating that there was more to the tatting drama I alluded to the other day, so I went and read it. I should have realized that it was going to further infuriate me for a host of reasons. I vented with sharp cryptic comments attempting to avoid the full barrel blast of logical arguments fine tuned with far too many classes on the subject. I do so love to argue, but I didn't. I held my tongue, waited until my husband was back for lunch and then let it all out in a high speed stream followed by a deep breath. I debated presenting some of those arguments here, the points of flawed logic and plain rudeness, but again it serves no real purpose. In fact, I should have really said nothing at all, but then again, I am not perfect.

Moving on...I do have two brand new designs done. Since I'm trying to keep the design something of a secret, this is all I am going to show you off of one of the pieces. Once they are out of my hands I will be making them both for the store as well. I think I mentioned that the design started as a doily edge, like so many good necklaces. Of course his one had much work on additional rows to create the right wearable shape, but I can still see that doily edge.

Let's see, what else for you today. I so want to tell you about this other funny tatter thing, but I'm trying not to be the mean gossip. Okay, I'm not gonna do it all blatant like, but basically someone presenting themselves contrary to their other, well established online presences on etsy. Most amusingly adding tags to their work indicating that they are a member of a street team which they are not a member of and doesn't suit their work. I assume that the tag was used in an attempt to perhaps snag my customer base again. I of course do not know the truth of the situation, it could just be a fundamental misunderstanding of the system. It could have nothing do do with me at all. I hate to jump to conclusions, but that was my first thought and it made my shake my head.

During the evening the sore throat and cough that has been plaguing my household finally got it's claws into me as well. I have the ever famous, 'it'll hurt if I swallow' throat and if family is any indication in a day or so I will have uncontrollable coughing. This might slow down my tatting for a spell, or at least my creativity. I also had a phone call with an old etsy friend about a super secret collaboration that is cooking slowly. I am ridiculously excited about its potential, but sworn to secrecy until it is revealed. It might be some time until then as well, since it is the most involved project I've worked on as well.

One last thing before I stop typing, I am now just 10 sales away from the illusive 1000. It has taken nearly four years of constant work and evolution of my style and skills to reach this point. Please accept free shipping until I hit that milestone. Just mention 'blog1000' at checkout, pay as normal and I will refund your shipping costs. You know, should anyone need anything.

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. c h o k l i t . said...

congrats on almost reaching 1k - you're amazing!