Wednesday, February 3, 2010

As Mad As...

As you can imagine, most of my day was devoted to hosting duties as my grandfather did arrive mid day. I managed to get schooling done beforehand as well as remaking my Salome piece. It is much more difficult to get anything of consequence done when one is following around two small kids to ensure that none of their daily shenanigans leaves no physical destruction. Once nap time rolled around, I retreated to my computer room to work while my Grandpa got settled in the guest room.

At this time, I did begin work on take two of the Mad Hatter piece. This time I had a much clearer idea of where I was going with it. I didn't get very far of course. Actually I'm shocked that I managed to get anything done. As soon as the children awoke, relatives descended on us. There were cousins, and dogs and pure unadulterated chaos from that moment until it was nearly time to retire for the evening. Sure, it was a great time and the children enjoyed themselves immensely, but I awake this morning nearly as tired as I was before I went to sleep last night.

It seems another secret project has presented itself while I am still waiting to see the previous ones come to fruition so they can be secret no longer. This one is mostly out of my hands, requiring the smallest of efforts from me, so no worries if it too does not pan out. Though honestly, I am getting tired of getting worked up for no reason. I think I have lost count of all the things that could have been.

Hopefully I'll get a bit of time to work on the Hatter piece and I've a few other bits and bobs that need tatting, but until my house is guest free, I must accept that I may get little done. One more small thing to bring up. I think I have entered the home stretch to 1000 etsy sales. Though they have been aggravating slow lately, I have less than 30 to go. This should mean that hopefully by the end of next month I should be at that milestone. I know that is still quite some time away and even mentioning it could jinx sales even further, but I had to tell somebody as I am starting to get excited to get there. I won't mention it again until we're really, really close though...I promise.


. c h o k l i t . said...

What fun! Love to see you working in color! (not that I don't adore the black...)

Waterrose said...

Wow almost 1000 sales....very cool!

Now I must back up and read the posts I've missed lately!