Friday, September 30, 2016


Another day of knitting and reading under my belt. I'm at 95% for the book and I got another whole pattern repeat on the knitting project. I was unfortunately, not interrupted by anything more interesting though. I edited the color out of this project too since it is slated to be a gift like all the doilies were. I really do doubt that the intended recipient will stumble upon it as I don't think anyone I know in real life actually reads my nonsense, save for the husband and maybe a couple of friends. Better safe than sorry though, right?

This weekend's plans involve binging a new show on Netflix with the family and likely not leaving the house, so I'm hoping to get the novel read by today and I guess I'll have tons of time to knit then. I'll keep crossing my fingers for a new idea or project to come up though. We've had a lot of unexpected expenditures lately and I could really use some sales.

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Madtatter80 said...

looks like a great peak at you knitting can't wait to view more :)